Tatting Butterfly Pattern
Bedazzled Monarch Earring

 This is the original published lace. I believe that is tatted in size 20 six cord. When tatted in cotton the earring does not hang as well as tatted with nylon.
The two-threaded earring was mine until I gave the earrings away. I made another and someone admired it while on my ear and I gave that set away too. I even lost one in a cab, drat! One time I was in a drug store and a lady recognized that it was tatted. That was a bit freaky, since she was almost too far away to see. I was a bit paranoid the rest of the day....  Today, I would make this using C-Lon Micro Beading Cord.
I sold these on eBay. I believe those are 22kt gold Toho seed beads. It was not until 2003 that I was introduced to Delicas.
Materials:  DDP #220 Black (Substitute C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord), Toho 11/0 AQV732 22kt Gilded Black Violet Iris seed beads.
All Rights Reserved. ©1993 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!