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TATBiT's Sodalite Donut Double-Sided TAT-Bead Necklace
"Very Cutting Edge" Video Chat

 I can not remember the exact size of this donut, my guess is 40mm.
I have started to tat around the donut. 11/0 Delicas. The cord is Tex70 C-Lon Micro Nylon Cord. This necklace was finger tatted. It is much easier to add beads as needed, instead of chasing beads on a fully loaded shuttle. Plus, I do not necessarily like figuring out the bead count prior to tatting. I find it a hindrance from going forward with a pattern if I am constantly counting, chasing beads.
These are probably grade D Sodalite Heart Beads.
 Beading the other side to keep the tatting/beading on the donut.
Necklace Portion.
Cutting Edge TAT-Bead Necklace

TATBiT's Sodalite Donut Double-Sided Tatted Necklace 2012 "Very Cutting Edge" Video Link
The fan is on full blast and it sounds like the hydroponics is on too. The fan is not causing the banding on the video but the light bulb. I was lucky if I could keep the tatting in the frame.
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