Tatting Jewelry Pattern
TATBiT's Tatted Rosebud Earring and Bracelet Set

 This is a scan of the actual bracelet that was made in 1988. Because the bracelet does not lie flat, there are colorations that mimic variegated thread but the thread is all one color. Size 20 six-cord cotton thread in pink, (which was the norm for a lot of my designs.)  
Mei Sato
The roses on the bracelet and earrings are not ribbon roses, but are quilled from paper. 
  Mei Sato was a wonderful lady who introduced me to a lot of people in the lace world. I loved this woman and was so fortunate that we found each other.   
  Mei was like a second mom to me. I was so glad that we did get to meet in person. One week after her visit, Mei passed away. It was an unexpected and devastating loss, I miss her dearly.
  Roses were quilled by Mei.
Size 20 Six Cord Cotton Thread
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I think this design might be better suited for the C-Lon Cords. A good way to introduce yourself to nylon cord tatting. There is a learning curve with nylon.
All Rights Reserved. ©1988 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!