Tatting Doily Pattern
A MATter of TAT

In the beginning of my journey into the art of tatting, I yearned to tat patterns that were beyond my skill level. I really had to practice on the mundane of just rings and chains for a very long time prior to being able to tat any type of pattern. Tat-splats were everywhere.
  If you are a novice tatter, you may be tatting in a traditional style where there is no distinct front or back side to your lace. In other words, you reverse your work to tat chains.
  I am not a traditional style tatter or a designer of traditional tatting or patterns. My designs have a distinct front and back side. I am a modern style tatter/designer.
  There are a lot of tatters who tat my designs traditionally. I think that in doing so, the design changes because of the split hitches showing on the front when all knot hitches should be contained within a bar.
  Most of my designs are advanced, but I do have a few patterns that a novice should be able to tat with a bit of patience.
 The above examples are computer generated images. I just wish I had the time to tat some of these ideas! Love that color.
Size 20 Six Cord Cotton Thread
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This file is the second half of one of the newsletters that I published in 1990. There are two other patterns included. The earrings are probably the easiest and the hat ornament the hardest of the three. If you have not mastered split rings then leave that round off the mat...
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Happy Tatting!