1-Learning To Tat The Reverse Riego Way - The First Hitch...

The First Hitch...
Two fingers have been omitted in this diagram. The fingertips of these two fingers (left ring and pinkie) are inside of the ring, holding the bottom of the ring down and touching the left palm.)

1) Pinch two inches from the end of the thread between the thumb and index finger of the left hand.

2) Wrap the thread over the back of the hand and around front to the thumb and index finger.

3) Pinch both threads between the left thumb and index finger to form a ring.

4) The gray thread wrapped around the left hand is called the ring or ring thread.

5) The pink thread that comes out from under the thumb and is connected to the shuttle is then called the shuttle thread.

The first hitch of the double knot is tatted as follows:
a) The shuttle thread crosses over the top of the ring thread and lies on top of the left middle finger.

b) The shuttle thread then runs behind and under the ring thread.

c) The right ring finger holds down the shuttle thread.

d) Bring the pick of the shuttle in front of the ring thread, between the left middle and ring fingers, pushing the shuttle through the front of the ring  between the shuttle thread and the ring thread to the back.
Pull shuttle thread to the right until the hitch transfers over to the ring thread.
It should look like this diagram.
e) Using the middle finger of the left hand, push the first hitch up and to the left, bringing the first hitch taut and next to the left thumb, The first hitch is held under the left thumb and index finger while manipulating the second hitch.

Experiment with the size of the ring thread. Novices either make the ring thread too big to permit the shuttle to pass through. The whole left hand must be able to fit into the ring and move about comfortably. Practice making the first hitch of the double knot until you are capable of transferring the first hitch each time.
Happy Tatting!