If You Like Piña Coladas?

I have always had issues with latex. Elastic has never been my friend. I hate wearing socks. Bandages always made wounds worse. Forget about wearing rubber gloves period! 
  I have recently crossed some line were sensitive is now allergic.
  I have come close to anaphylaxis prior from eating shell fish. I thought that I just ate some bad fish, but after being sick, and seeing petechial hemorrhage all over my face, I knew that something was far more wrong than just eating bad fish.
  I am allergic to iodine, but never associated the two. Doctor might have explained that shell fish should not be eaten. When the doctor saw my face he had that "oh s..t" look on his face. We then discussed the fine points of lobster dipped in butter, and it was probably a good idea if I did not eat any type of shell fish again.
  Did you know that if you have a latex allergy that there are certain foods you might want to avoid? I did not either. There is a syndrome called, Latex-Fruit Syndrome. This is where fruit can mimic latex. What? A few weeks back, I had fresh pineapple. The pineapple was so good, not the usual woody texture and taste we have had in the past. I had a bit more pineapple than I usually would have had eaten. All of a sudden my mouth tasted numb and then I felt like I had something sharp stuck in my throat. I was like strep throat in in ten minutes time. I will spare you the gory details, I can safely say that I never want to go through something like that again. Scared me to the bone.
  I went a couple of days where I was scared to eat anything. I was starving. Every time I did eat, I would have a panic attack. It was horrible.
 Did you know that most toothpaste tubes and brushes are made with latex? Mine were. I am using brushes that are disposable, latex free and made for dogs. So what? The bristles are really soft and they cost next to nothing. I brush my teeth with activated charcoal and I can not believe the difference in my mouth. My teeth are cleaner, whiter and my gums are starting to look normal. There is a learning curve to using the charcoal and you need to use a water-pik to clean it out of your mouth but the results are amazing.
  I hate the taste of metal utensils in my mouth, so I have been a long time user of plastic forks and spoons. Not sure what their latex content is or if any latex level exists, but I do not want to take a chance or repeat of an allergic reaction.
  I have had a drastic change to my lifestyle, but so happy to be alive. I wish I had savored my last bite of tomato, strawberry... etc. I have never had a piña colada...