Heart Talk...

In the beginning of my publishing career, I just had a manual typewriter that had belonged to Ollie's dad. This typewriter did not even have a + key.
  I eventually bought another manual typewriter but it still had some of the same difficulties.
 Grandpa Walt with Nellie
Trivia:  My grandfather was in the typewriter business until he passed. At one time, he worked for Remington Rand. I loved visiting him and getting to play with all the machines that he had in his garage. I guess you can say typing is in my blood.
  I tried to purchase a Radio Shack computer in the early 90's, but could not get a loan. Little did I know at the time but that was probably a good thing.
  I finally got a bank to extend me some credit, $300 and I promptly purchased a word processor. I found the manual typewriter less complicated to use than the processor.
From an early CAD software.
Drawn in Word.
  A couple of years later, I purchased my first computer, and that is when I went from hand drawn schematics to cad programed schematic drawings. My first cad program was okay but the drawings were... can not think of the correct word, but very jagged. The programs that had a smoother edge were extremely expensive back then. I have used free, and expensive cad programs over the years. Ugh, some of them the learning curve was so high.
  I like Word. When I learned to draw in Word, the world was my oyster. I have an older version that I paid gobs of money for and I know how to use it. The money that I made from the Dover Manuscript paid for my fence and the Word software.
  I can be very stubborn about evolving, and understand that if one is not willing to... I have tried the new version but I know how to use the old, and I paid for it. This cloud business and having to pay every year to be able to use the software. What? Plus, some of the new software will not open up prior software files. What? Ollie's favorite saying is, That's how they get YOU!
  Over the years, as my publishing skills have improved, I have tried to update my patterns. Sometimes, there are many versions of one pattern. 
  I have not profited from my patterns since the Pattern of the Month Club Newsletters. I do not mind my work being used for education purposes or if a tatter wants to show their tatted duplication of my designs.
  My nose does get disjointed when my pattern scripts are rewritten, really? (I am still confused why I turned out to be the bad guy in that instance...) Plus, taking credit for my work or profiting from it does not sit well with me. Deriving from my designs is another sore point. I get it, but if you had any idea the amount of work that goes into designing. As much as I would like to be gracious, smile and pat these individuals on the back for basically stealing, I can not. I still can not help myself from not speaking out about it. I am not sure if it is fair that I am castigated when I do speak my mind about the right and wrong way to use my patterns, without being called "mentally ill". (Yes, that did get my goat and when I think about it, brings up all those hurt feelings again.) I will not be bullied out of having my say.
  I do not know how to deal with bullies, never have even in school. I am not a social person and I lack certain skills to deal in social situations and this is why I haven't had a bigger impact in the tatting community. I could not join all the clubs and go to the yearly events because it was too much.
  I want my patterns tatted. Be kind, give credit where due. If not sure, have a question, just ask me. I am not always grumpy...
Happy Tatting!