Tatted Eye Candy
Pineapple Bridal Doily

Size 20 Six Cord Thread
I should have cropped this image better. This is a scan of the original lace. Why I did not see earlier on that the half shape that I was striving for turned out as pictured above? Tatting can not be easily pulled out like crochet so... If I were to cut off the lace at the start and end of the pineapples, there would be so many threads to re-thread back into the lace.
Computer Generated Images
What is a bridal doily? Bridal bouquets or nosegays are usually held together by a plastic holder that has some tacky machine lace sewn to it. Pull that off and replace with a tatted bridal doily. This is a computer generated image of what the fan would look like if the design was tatted in the round.
Computer Generated Image
Wowza, I can only imagine the length of time it would take to tat just this example. Plus all the ends that would have to rethread back into the lace. A once in a lifetime piece.
Computer Generated Image
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Happy Tatting!
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