Tatted Jewelry Eye Candy
Tat-Beading Cross Necklaces

 I like both sides of this necklace.
Purple and Green go well together.
 I love this charm and adhered it to the back of this tatted cross.
Tiger's Eye Oval Center. I see some Red Aventurine and fancy Czech Pressed Beads in the necklace.
That is a huge 20mm round cabochon in the center. Green Aventurine heart beads and 4mm round Cat's Eyes.
The unfinished back side.
Heart Charm fixed to back to cover tatting and beading thread ends.
I completely forgot about this cross. I need to find it and put a necklace on it.
That cat's eye just sends a chill down my back.
Seed Iris 11/0 and 11/0 Transparent Eggplant Delicas.
 Cat's eye rounds.
 One side of necklace is done.
That cat's eye just GLOWS!
 Makes a statement!
My last finished cross necklace of 2012.
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©2012 by Teri Dusenbury. 
Happy Tatting!