Even More Words...

So... As I am going through four hard drives looking for patterns and pictures, I found some patterns that I had been working on but had not published yet. Some are manuscripts that are not completed and or only checked by me.
  Years ago, I purchased very expensive PDF software. I think it was around $300 at that time. It will not work in WIN7, so I bought an IBM computer with WIN98 so I could run some of the older software that I spent years learning to use that will not work correctly in WIN7. It was more trouble than it was worth and half the time the software would not print out the documents in PDF format. 
  I have tried using the free printers but could never get them to work for me either. 
  Yesterday, I figured out how to get some of my documents to download in the PDF format so I am very happy about that.
  I want to reiterate that the majority of my patterns are advanced. Some of the patterns that have been published may contain errors. I try to correct errors when found. Some of the patterns are in manuscript form and have not been finished, but have designs/patterns in them that should be tatted. It was very hard to find another tatter who was on my wavelength and willing to proof patterns.
  Eventually, it would come to the point where I could no longer even look at the manuscripts because I was sick of it. I also had other projects that were calling out to me to work on. So...
Happy Tatting!