Beaded Butterflies Earring Pattern

Materials: DDP#220 Dogwood, 6mm Azure Malachite flat heart, 2mm sterling rounds, 11/0 vintage Toho AQV082 Indigo Iris. Note: Dual Duty Plus or DDP drapes or "hangs" better than pure cotton thread. Nylon wins hands down (C-Lon Micro Tex70 Nylon Cord. No conditioning needed. Unless you keep the earrings in proper storage when not wearing... those sterling silver beads will tarnish. Think carefully prior to using sterling along with tatting.
Materials: DDP#220 Dogwood, 6mm Rhodonite flat heart, Delicas 11/0 DB853 Matte Light Brown AB.
 Materials: DDP#220 Black, 3mm fire polished Czech rounds in black, Delicas 11/0 DB10 Black, 6mm Leopardskin round, 3mm sterling round, sterling beaded rondelle spacer. I believe that those silver beads also come in a non SS version.
Materials: DDP#220 Copenhagen, 6mm Blue Denim Agate Flat Heart, Delicas 11/0 DB832 Satin Pale Light Blue for the experienced beader.
Materials: DDP#220 Dogwood, 3 & 6mm fire polished Czech rounds, Delicas 11/0 DB693 Semi-Matte Silver-lined Medium Blue, 3mm sterling round, sterling beaded rondelle spacer.
 Materials: DDP#220 White, 2mm sterling round, sterling beaded rondelle spacer, 4mm round pink quartz, Delicas 11/0 DB106 Transparent Pink Luster. The "luster" beads are hardy.
 Materials: DDP#220 Navy, 6mm Silver Leaf flat heart, Delicas 11/0 DB671 Satin Tortoise beads are not for the novice.
 Toho beads and the hearts are Pictured Jasper
 Those beads are from the 90's when I was beading Native-American style earrings. I like the uniformity of Delicas over these seed beads. That red does make a statement though!
 I was using sterling earring findings but some of them were so sharp. I found surgical steel a better fit for me. Most are better made and do not irritate the ear.
Materials: DDP#220 Black, 3mm fire polished Czech rounds in black, Delicas 11/0 DB10 Black, cat stamped heart slugs.
 Red Goldstone
Red (sometimes called "brown") Goldstone in a flat 6mm heart and 2mm rounds, vintage 11/0 Toho in AQV421 Metallic Rose Gold, DDP#220 Natural.
Materials: DDP#220 Black, 11/0 Czech Carnival seed beads, 3mm Czech fire polished rounds in Iris Green.
Materials: DDP#220 Dogwood, 3mm Czech fire polished rounds in purple/gold, Delicas 11/0 DB857 Matte Transparent Light Amethyst AB.
 Blue Goldstone - 2mm Rounds
 Toho Beads
Materials: DDP#220 Natural, Transparent Red 6mm flat Czech heart, Delicas 11/0 DB704 Transparent Dark Tangerine.
Materials: DDP#220 Chona Brown, 6mm Pictured Jasper flat heart, vintage 11/0 Toho in AQV221 Metallic Gold.
 Delica Silk and Rain Forest Jasper Heart.
 22kt Toho Beads and Pictured Jasper Heart
 Toho Beads and Pictured Jasper Heart
Yellow Leopardskin Jasper
All of the earrings shown above were made between 2000 and 2002. This was when I was exclusively tatting my jewelry with Dual Duty Plus Buttonhole Thread. I no longer recommend using this thread. DDP has a limited color line and must be conditioned prior to using. 
  It is better to tat jewelry using C-Lon Micro Tex70 Nylon Cord. Trust me on this point! There is a slight learning curve to nylon. Earrings just hang better when tatted with nylon.
  I wrote Beaded Butterflies in 2002 and it was probably the last booklet I wrote using Publisher software. Unfortunately, I can not go back into that program and correct what is written about what thread to use. The email address is not valid. I write wax instead of condition thread. One does not condition nylon thread.
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